Call for Proposals: BSP Fourth Annual Symposium

The Business Scholarship Podcast is accepting proposals for its fourth annual symposium, which will be published in 2023. Topics should (1) be focused on business (broadly considered); (2) have the potential to garner academic and public, professional, or policy interest; and (3) accommodate panelists from business-academic fields (including, but not limited to, law, finance, accounting, marketing, economics, or management) and from practitioner, advocate, or policymaker backgrounds. Proposals may be sent to and will be accepted and reviewed until a symposium topic has been selected.

Please include the following information with a proposal:

  1. Name and institutional affiliation of proponent;
  2. Whether the proponent is interested in or willing to help organize the symposium;
  3. The topic and its relevance to academic, public, practitioner, and policy audiences; and
  4. Any proposed panels and panelists.

For reference, the first three Business Scholarship Podcast symposia are: