Symposium: Financial and Corporate Regulation in the Biden Administration

January 4, 2021

A new presidential administration doesn’t come along every day. To explore what the Biden-Harris administration might hold when it comes to business regulation―or what panelists believe it should hold―the Business Scholarship Podcast’s second annual symposium is focused on Financial and Corporate Regulation in the Biden Administration.

The symposium comprises five episodes broken into the following panels. Across each panel, guests are invited to identify failures or missed opportunities of prior administrations, to predict the potential course of the Biden administration in key regulatory areas, and to offer advice to the incoming administration and the 117th Congress.

  1. Banking & Financial Regulation
  1. Investor Protection & Corporate Finance
  1. Consumer Protection & Finance
  1. Corporate Power
  1. Enforcement & Policing

Panels are moderated by Andrew Jennings, Stanford University School of Law. They are available on major podcast apps and at